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GLB336 International Business: Operations Manager


Assessment Task:

Your company (Aotearoa Renewables) is a technology start-up supported by the Government’s Strategic Science Investment Fund, Superannuation Fund and Maori Investment Limited to develop and commercialise renewable energy technologies for and the World.

The company has developed an ocean power electricity generation system that successfully combines both wave and tidal generation to transform oceanic power generation and which is also ecologically friendly.

Having successfully implemented the system at 3 sites in (at the mouth of the Manukau Harbour, in Cook Strait and in Dusky Sound) at a combined cost of 105 million dollars the company is looking to commercialise the system internationally.

As International Operations Manager for Aotearoa Renewables, you are to write a report for the company’s executive targeting a foreign country as a prospect for partnering in this project.

Your report should consist of the following:
1. Evaluate the role of culture, governments and international organizations in promoting global trade and business
a) The role of NZ (Maori) culture in this business project including the impact of Maori – treaty/treaty settlements on the project
b) The role of NZ Government and the Government of the chosen country such as tariffs, free trade agreements etc.
c) The role of non-governmental organisations such as APEC, the International Renewable Energy Alliance, WTO, IMF etc.

2. Assess the opportunities and threats posed by cultural difference in a global environment
a) assess the destinations culture and attitudes toward renewable energy
b) perform an opportunity and threat analysis for your project in relation to the chosen market

3. Evaluate the risks, costs and benefits of doing business in different countries
a) Risk management – evaluate the risks that are present in the project and what are your proposed risk mitigation strategies
b) Cost management – evaluate the costs present in the project and what are your proposed cost minimisation strategies
c) Benefit maximisation – evaluate the benefits present in the project and what are your proposed maximisation strategies

4 . Develop a marketing strategy
Develop a marketing strategy that optimises the benefits, minimises the costs and manages the risks of the project in order to bring the project to successful fruition


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