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Health Policy and Stakeholder Perspectives Assignment

Complete the Health Policy and Perspectives grid using the scenario that is provided below. Note: The key is to identify stakeholders who could be impacted by this policy and explain their possible views based on their positions in an organization and their personal beliefs and values.There are no “right or wrong” perspecitives. For example, a hospital administrator might be concerned about the legal aspects of the policy and whether or not the facility will have any liability if someone gets ill from the mandatory flu shot. Simply clearly identify the stakeholders and how their personal situation might impact their view. Scenario:You have recently been hired after completing your degree in Health Care Management by the Department of Health for a mid sized US city. The CDC has just issued a bulletin indicating that they are expecting a serious and potentially deadly flu outbreak this coming year. They are advising all health departments to review their procedures and take “appropriate” actions to deal with this threat. The Health Commissioner will be meeting with the Mayor of the city to propose a policy and has asked you to assess how various stakeholders in the City will view this policy. They want to know who these stakeholders will be and what factors might influence their positions. Proposed Policy To: All Health Care Providers In Our City:The following policy is being implemented in order to protect all members of our community. Effective immediately all staff working in any health care facility must receive the current flu vaccine. This will be mandatory for anyone who may have contact with patients as part of their duties. Employees who do not comply with this policy will not be allowed to work in patient areas and should be considered for disciplinary action.


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