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Healthcare economics – Study Room


If the US spends more on health care than does any other nation–without achieving top-notch results across the board–does that mean that we are spending too much? Consider both price and quantity of services and goods. Make certain to explore and support what is meant by “too much.” Consider disparities, corporate influences, medicalization of diagnoses, etc. Include policy and politics in your discussion. CITE, please. This is not an opinion piece–it requires analysis. If you are moving in a partisan direction–step back and consider alternative viewpoints. Make certain to acknowledge and reference opposing ideas.
Second query (use a sub-heading to distinguish this response): Select one healthcare outcome that is important to your area of practice. It may be an institutional, regional, national, etc. level of health indicator. This is up to you. Provide an economic analysis on one aspect/component within this particular outcome. Discuss the “value” of this outcome and compare/contrast its value. Consider the cost and benefits associated with achieving this outcome. What economics issues are relevant to this particular outcome. Use literature to support your analyses. Make certain that it is scholarly. A few examples to get you thinking–HIV prevention. Economic analysis? Costs and benefits? Value and to whom/what? Any irrationalities that are at play with this therapy? Support your points. Hepatitis C testing. Bariatric surgery. Statin therapies. Erectile dysfunction medications. Pick a subject that is of interest to you and consider it from an economists perspective using what you have learned in the course.
The goal is to have you applying basic economic analyses to difficult/wicked/or high-frequency issues and considering them in new ways.
Original posting and peer responses are evidence-based (EB),
informed by assigned and selected readings, and supported by
scholarly, current or classic, peer-reviewed and/ or highly
reputable sources. Evidence supports all statements of facts,
theories, practice standards, experiences, and opinions. Cites
additional resources as appropriate and satisfies the number of
outside references required for the specific assignment.


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