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HIT238 The Mobile Paradigm : Iteration Development Process



For this assignment, you will build your application. You should have a functional prototype web application from Assignment 1. You will continue developing it as either a web application or a hybrid mobile application. Your work should be completed in your GitHub repository and on a Trello board tracking your sprint progress. 
Each sprint is another iteration of your development process. You will need to revisit your MVP, implement your changes and test your current product. 

Submission Criteria: At the end of each sprint, you will need to submit a progress report with links to your Trello board, git repository and application. At the end of the third sprint, you will need to present your application to the class. 

Trello: 2 x 10 marks Your Trello board should track the tasks you aim to complete in each sprint and your process. Create a list for each sprint and a backlog list. Add cards to each sprint to show which tasks you want to complete in that iteration. Any features you would like to include but aren’t important enough to put in a sprint should go in your backlog. Use labels to indicate your progress on tasks (e.g. “in progress”, “on hold”, “completed”). 

Git: 2 x 15 marks All your code should be committed to your git repository. Your code should be committed regularly with meaningful commit messages. Each commit should be logically structured and only address a single task. A good guide is if you have to say you did something “and” did something else, you probably have too much in the commit. Create a new branch for each feature which you can merge into master when it is completed. 

Do NOT use the same message for many commits. E.g. “Updated styles” as it is difficult to track individual changes. Instead, explain what you did. E.g. “Improved readability of header”. 

Progress Report: 2 x 5 marks At the end of each sprint, you will be required to submit a progress report as a google document following the provided template. It should include a single paragraph outlining what happened in the sprint, any problems encountered, and lessons learned? 

• List the tasks that have been completed in the sprint as dot points and include links to yourIcello board, git repository and your application.

• lf-yOu have spent a long time trying to solve a problem and haven’t committed much code, explain it here.

• If your application is web app include a link to the application hosted on GitHub pages, if it is a hybrid/cross-platform application

• include a link to the APK on GitHub. 

Product Pitch Presentation: 30 marks After you have completed your development phase you will pitch your application to the class. You will have 5 minutes to demonstrate your application. This should be a quick presentation to convince the audience that your application is useful. Demonstrate the core functionality, how easy it is to use and explain why the target audience should use it. 

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