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How do you Chose Your Major?

            I don’t know about you, but I changed my career options every other day as a kid. I wanted to be a scientist in second grade, just like professor Utonium (so that I can be a Powerpuff girl). An archeologist in fifth grade (you can blame Indiana Jones for that one). It was only when I got to junior high school that it dawned on me that these careers needed more effort than just wishful thinking. Choosing a career path is still as confusing as when you were a child but somehow even worse. Because at least as a child, you didn’t know the qualifications it took to be a doctor or an archeologist, so you were confident in your abilities. Or lack thereof.

            The first step in your career path is choosing a major for your undergraduate. This is the tricky part because how do you choose a major from so many options? How do you know you’ve chosen the right one? What if you pick a major and then change your mind mid-way? All these questions are valid. However, the biggest consideration when selecting your major is your priorities. What would draw you to that career? Is it the money? Is it the challenge? Is it the community work you’re passionate about?

            Be honest with yourself and pick what’s most important to you. Don’t think about what your parents want you to do or what your friends choose. Because, after all, the course load will be yours alone to bear. You can listen to their opinions. You can even seek help from your academic advisor. You can also reach out to people in the careers you’re interested in and seek advice from them. But, ultimately, let the choice be yours. You’ll find that you already know what you want, but you doubt yourself. Just go with it anyway.

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