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HR group project, NEED in 8 HOURS, only two paragraphs of conclusion and work cited – Content (25 points)Choose a current event that ties to the areas where HR has challenges and find at least 5 reputable sources (e.g. DOL, BLS, EEOC, NPR, HBR, Forbes,, New York Times, SHRM, etc.) preferably, no more than 24 months old to help you formulate your thoughts about the following:Identify and explain several important facts about the issue you selected. (5 pts)Make the connection between this issue and HRM & explain what specific challenges it creates for HR. This section will show the critical thinking your group has done on the topic. (10 pts)For conlusion: (my part)read the essay and write conclusion (2 paragraphs)make sure their employees are happyunion are not necessary a bad thing, but it can be very costly and very stressful for the company like this scale.those solutions would solve most problems that Boeing has right now.Cite sources using APA Style (those links above)


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