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HR question

For Dr.CaspianoCrunch the number case page 97 (Strategic compensation book)Table 4-3 illustrates the calculation of a piecework award for a garment worker who has completed two hours of service. Over the course of a six-hour shift, his productivity varies:First hour: 10 garments above the hourly standardSecond hour: no garments above the hourly standardThird hour: 15 garments above the hourly standardFourth hour: 13 garments above the hourly standardFifth hour: 9 garments above the hourly standardSixth hour: 3 garments above the hourly standardQuestions:4-9. Calculate the worker’s total earnings for his shift.4-10. How many dollars did the garment worker earn in incentive payments?4-11. On the following day, the garment worker completed a six-hour shift, but did not exceed the standardat any time during this shift. How much did he earn for the day?Explain the calculation


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