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HR week 2 quiz

Which of the following do “ergonomics” most directly address?Emotional wellbeingMental wellbeingPhysical wellbeingSocial wellbeingFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts______ is the degree to which the job allows the incumbent to complete an identifiable work product and see clearly tangible or perceivable outcomes.AutonomyTask identitySkill varietyTask significanceFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsCoaching, mentoring, sharing skills and experience, and promoting a friendly work environment are all forms of ________________.Work engagementPositive attitudesOrganizational citizenship behaviorsOrganizational commitmentFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts______ refers to a more explicit form of harassment where the harassing member of the organization may be requiring the harassed member to exchange sexual favors against his or her will.Disparate treatmentQuid pro quoHostile work environmentDisparate impactFlag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts______ is the broadening of the types of tasks and responsibilities performed on the job, with the purpose of creating interesting and less monotonous jobs.Job rotationJob enlargementJob enrichmentTask significanceFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsA good fit is necessary between the nature of the job and all of the following except:Employee’s interpersonal skillsEmployee’s ethnicityEmployee’s personalityEmployee’s academic and technical knowledgeFlag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsWhich of the following is NOT an example of human capital?KnowledgeOpenness to experienceSkillsAbilitiesFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsAll the following are forms of compensation except:AwardsBonusesFixed working hoursEquityFlag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsThe ______ contains Title VII which guarantees equal opportunity in employment, and prohibits discrimination based on gender, religion, race, national origin or color.Equal Employment Opportunities CommissionAffirmative Action LawEqual Employment Opportunity ActCivil Rights ActFlag this QuestionQuestion 101 pts______________ refers to the degree to which an organization is able to maximize the productivity of given resources, produce a given amount of output with minimal resources, or accomplish both.Organizational managementOrganizational yieldOrganizational efficiencyOrganizational effectivenessFlag this QuestionQuestion 111 ptsWhat are the two main types of employment testing?Aptitude and comprehensionAptitude and achievementAchievement and abilitiesAchievement and knowledge and skillsFlag this QuestionQuestion 121 pts______ identifies characteristics of the job to be performed in terms of the tasks, duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled.A job descriptionJob designJob planningA job specification Question 131 ptsWhich of the following is NOT one of the ways to measure HR strategic effectiveness?Economic value addedPrice effectiveness testReturn on investmentBalanced scorecardsFlag this QuestionQuestion 141 pts______ is the process of reducing the workforce through eliminating jobs, which cuts costs and improves efficiency.BuyoutsAttritionVoluntary separation programsDownsizingFlag this QuestionQuestion 151 pts______ refers to the extent of resemblance between the personal core values and beliefs of individuals and the norms, rules, regulations and values of the organizations where they work.Person-group fitPerson-environment fitPerson-organization fitPerson-job fit


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