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Human Resources Power Point Presentation

After studying this section, students should be able to:Learning Objectives:Assess the need for after action analysis reportsAnalyze approaches for improved outcomes through organizational learningEvaluate processes to continuously improve business practicesApply key steps in assessing outsourcing and partnering alternatives to building in-house capacityEvaluate after action analysis as a process for developing new systems views and advancing partnering conceptsPlease make power point presentation according to the following:Include notes, in-text citations, and referencesAs the Presenter for this 2-week unit, based on your own prior knowledge and current research, you will present a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation addressing different approaches and techniques to continuously improve processes, including after action analysis (AAA). Your goal will be to influence your colleague’s thinking on what approach works best.You should strive to be as persuasive as possible that the specific concepts you have reviewed are exciting research avenues and that they are potentially breakthrough areas in the understanding of how to be a savvy strategic HR partner, from assessing the need for an after action report, to developing an approach for improved outcomes through organizational learning.Your presentation should contain the following elements:·         Incorporation and analysis of the Required Resources from this 2-week unit·         Incorporation and analysis of at least three additional resources from the Walden Library·         Identification of principal schools of thought, tendencies in the academic literature, or commonalities that define the academic scholarship regarding your topic·         Evaluation of the main concepts with a focus on their application to management practice and their impact on positive social change·         Incorporation of the Learning Objectives from this 2-week unitReadings for Unit 2 ResourcesBurdon, S., Chelliah, J., & Bhalla, A. (2009). Structuring enduring strategic alliances: The case of Shell Australia and Transfield Services.Butler, M. G., Callahan, C. M., & Smith, R. E. (2010). Human resource outsourcing: Long term operating performance effects from the provider’s perspective.Hesketh, A. J. (2008). Should it stay or should it go? Examining the shared services or outsourcing decision.Kaplan, R. S., Norton, D. P., & Rugelsjoen, B. (2010, January). Managing alliances with the balanced scorecard.Kohtamäki, M. (2010). Relationship governance and learning in partnerships. The Learning OrganizationMalhotra, D., & Lumineau, F. (2011). Trust and collaboration in the aftermath of conflict: The effects of contract structureVanpoucke, E., & Vereecke, A. (2010). The predictive value of behavioural characteristics on the success of strategic alliances.


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