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  1. Read the following from the 2002 film adaptation of The Importance of Being Earnest
    • Reviews – The Importance of Being Earnest
    • As you read, identify relevant passages from each review dealing with differences between Wilde’s stage directions and the choices made by Oliver Parker, the film director. While doing so, take note of the general opinion the reviewers have of these changes.
    • Ask yourself if you agree with the reviewers’ opinions, where there is an intersection between Wilde’s and the film director’s stage direction decisions, and where the reviewers observed occasions you did not in your 5.5 assignment.
  2. Write a 200-300 word summary of the reviewers’ opinions of the director’s decisions in relation to Wilde’s stage play directions.
    • Begin with a thesis statement that puts forth their overall arguments and whether or not you agree with them.
    • You will then cite from these reviews as you summarize their stance and compare it with your own observations/opinions.
    • Include citations from each review so as to provide textual evidence for your claims using proper MLA citation format and list each in a works cited entry.

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