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ICTNWK603 – Plan, Configure and Test Advanced Internetwork Routing Solutions


Task-1 Report Writing

You are in Technical Team in the Binary Digital Pty Ltd, having large number of clients and network devices. Being the member in the technical team in the company you have been asked to analyse the feasibility of implementing IPv6 and transition to IPv6 from IPv4.

Make a formal report considering this to present to your IT Manager. Include following in the report:

Brief Introduction to IPv4

Why IPv6?

IPv6 Routing Protocols

Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Difference in implementing IPv4 and IPv6

Network topologies and IP addressing

Task-2 Case Study

Binary Digital Pty Ltd is going through IT upgrade in the Head office. You want to integrate all the office and connect all the bench to the Head office so that it could make managing the IT infrastructure easy.

You are IT manger in the Binary Digital Pty Ltd. You have taken a step to make all the offices integrate with Head office in a unified enterprise network. For this you must purpose management about the benefits of the integrated and unified network, its role in network management and security of the network.

To accomplish this, you must complete following questions:

Suggest appropriate type of the VPN being IT manger to connect Head office to the Branch office. Research different type of the VPN. Make a list and suggest most appropriate type of the VPN.

Complete the following chart to make a proper suggestion.

Types of VPN Scenario where VPN can be used

PPT VPN Site-to-Site VPN L2TP VPN IPsec MPLS VPN Remote VPN Assessor Feedback S NS Feedback (MUST be provided if NS is selected)

During upgrade into newer infrastructure what kind of security standards and regulation will you be looking to implement regarding the routing solutions. Enlist security consideration for the Cisco Routers.

Research and summarise broadband technologies with main features.

Justify the importance of integrated and unified network in an enterprise routing network and its role in the network management.

Prepare 4-5 slides and present to management including:

Importance of integrated and unified networking

Emerging routing technologies

Relationship between network management and networking

Relationship between network management and risk management

How network design is affected by external development

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