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Identify the company and summarize the new market strategy it employed;


Very few companies have unlimited resources, and the ones that dont must make the most of the resources they do have. Identify a large public company that has implemented a new market strategy for its products. Prepare a brief analysis of the companys strategy while discussing the following issues:
1. Identify the company and summarize the new market strategy it employed;
2. Identify whether the company is meeting its financial and strategic objectives;
3. Discuss any key indicators of the companys performance in the industry;
4. Select any three of the key financial ratios found under Player Materials on the Corporate Lobby menu, and explain what they tell about the company related to its new market strategy;
5. Discuss any strength and weakness in the company strategy; and
6. Use one or two of the Five Generic Competitive Strategies to define the companys target market and whether the company is focused on pursuing a cost or product differentiation advantage over its competition, and the advantages and pitfalls of pursuing this strategy.Do not use any of the case study companies. (Costco, Netflix, Publix, Uber, Microsoft, KFC, Rubicon)


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