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Jean Jacques Rousseau, Social Contract, 1763The social contract’s terms, when they are well understood, can be reduced to a singlerequirement: the individual member [gives] himself totally to the whole communitywith all of his rights. This is first because conditions will be the same for everyone wheneach individual gives himself totally, and secondly, because no one will be tempted tomake that condition of shared equality worse for other men….Once [the people are] united this way into a body, an offense against one of itsmembers is an offense against the body politic*. It would be even less possible to injurethe body without its members feeling it.”the body politic, n. – everyone in society, when taken together as one whole group3. According to Rousseau, when individuals agree to the social contract, what happens to their rights?4. Do you believe that the structure of Rousseau’s society will benefit people overall? Provide a specificexample of why or why not.


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