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In addressing the Australian National Health Priority


In addressing the Australian National Health Priority Area of bowel cancer prevention and treatment use a person centred care approach to respond to the following:
Question 1: Postoperatively, Mr. Hemsley has been ordered PRN I.V. 2.5mg to 5mg Morphine for his pain relief. Discuss one (1) nursing care consideration for the safe administration of this medication.
Question 2: Discuss one (1) non-pharmacological nursing comfort measure you can undertake to help manage Mr. Hemsley’s postoperative pain.
Question 3: A sigmoid colostomy was performed on Mr. Hemsley during surgery. Discuss one (1) nursing consideration when caring for the patient with a colostomy during the postoperative period.
this Short answer assignment must have a minimum of 5-7 references. and it must use the 3 mandatory references. Please make sure that only ONE nursing consideration is discussed for each question
Gumus,K., Musuroglu, S., Ozlu, Z.K., & Tasci, O. (2020). Determining the Use of Nonpharmacologic Methods by Surgical Nurses for Postoperative Pain Management and the Influencing Professional Factors: A Multicenter Study. Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 35, 75-79.
Telford, A. (2020). Role of the nurse in supporting the safe use of opioids. Nursing Standard, 35(9), 77-82.
Zelga, P., Kluska, P., Zelga, M., Piasecka-Zelga, J., & Dziki, A. (2021). Patient-Related Factors Associated With Stoma and Peristomal Complications Following Fecal Ostomy Surgery. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing, 48(5):415-430.
I will attach the files for the 3 mandatory references later


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