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Increase in Medicaid and CHIP enrollment for children post covid 19



Select a health policy issue of interest to you, the student/healthcare executive. This can be a law, regulation, or an issue that can be addressed through public
policy or government action, for example, prescriiption drug prices, surprise medical billing, the opioid epidemic, the Medicare Physician Quality Reporting
System, the ACA individual mandate, etc. Several of these topics have legislation currently pending in Congress. It should be an issue relevant in today’s
health policy environment with implications for healthcare cost, quality or access. Be careful not to choose a topic that is too big, for example The Affordable
Care Act, rather, select an smaller topic within the ACA.
The proposal should include:
a specific statement describing/defining the issue
Describe why the issue is important (e.g. who or what is affected). Implications for patients, providers, public, etc. Impact on quality, cost, access.
Provide background information to provide context (e.g. what are the circumstances that have brought about the problem). What is the scope and scale of
the problem?
Data to inform this paper can come from a variety of sources including federal, state, or local government agencies, think tanks, trade associations,
professional societies, or the scientific literature. This topic will be used in the assignments below, so choose carefully. This assignment is a brief initial…



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