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Invitation Letter Follow the steps below to create the Invitation Letter. Start Word and create a new single-spaced (blank) document. Type Table Trout Hooks


Invitation Letter Follow the steps below to create the Invitation Letter. Start Word and create a new single-spaced (blank) document. Type Table Trout Hooks


Invitation Letter

Follow the steps below to create the Invitation Letter.

  1. Start Word and create a new single-spaced (blank) document.
  2. Type “Table Trout Hooks” and then press Enter.
  3. Insert an online image of a trout (use “trout” as the search text) and then press Enter.
  4. Optional: You can remove the background color of your image, if needed, by following these steps:
    1. Select the image.
    2. On the Picture Tools Format tab, click Color > Set Transparent Color.
    3. Click on the background color of the selected object.
  5. Size the image appropriately and then center align the paragraph containing the image.
  6. Format the Table Trout Hooks text as Georgia 22-point. Your letter should look similar to the figure.
  1. Start the mail merge process.
  2. When you select recipients, use an existing list, select the Retailers.accdb database you created earlier, and then select the Contacts query.
  3. Type the text shown below, inserting merge fields and leaving a blank paragraph where indicated. You’ll need to Match Fields when you insert the AddressBlock field code so that you can match the Company to the Store Name field.

March 30, 20xx


Are you as excited as I am about the opening day of Trout Season? In preparation for the Big Day, I invite you to join me at the Local Fishing Lodge for a morning of fishing followed by a catered lunch on April 8, 20xx at 7:30 am. You will get to experience firsthand the difference a Table trout hook makes.

As <<Job_Title>> at <<Store_Name>>, I know you want to make the best fishing tackle available to your customers. Table trout hooks hook more trout. Just look at the results from two recent tournaments:

Please RSVP by emailing me at [email protected] and let me know if you would like to bring a guest. Looking forward to personally meeting with you.

Tight lines,

Your name here


  1. Your letter should look like the figure below.
  1. Be sure that you’ve formatted the date and Table trout hooks name as bold and used your name in the closing. If the email address isn’t automatically formatted as a hyperlink, then click Insert > Hyperlink to format it.
  2. In the second blank paragraph after “. . . two recent tournaments:” paste a copy of the chart from the Hook Results spreadsheet. Size the chart appropriately, so that it looks similar to the figure.
  1. Save the document, naming it “Lodge Lunch.”
  2. Use the appropriate command to merge the field data and create a document containing the individual letters.
  3. Scroll through the letters and check that the content requires only one page. If the chart is so big that your letter requires two pages, then close the merged document without saving it and resize the chart in the Lodge Lunch document before performing the merge again. Repeat this process until you produce letters that will print on one page each.
  4. Save the merged document, naming it “Merged Lodge Letter.”

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