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1When looking at job options, what are the top three compensation factors that influence your decision? How are those factors different from what they may have been five years ago? As you change, your compensation interests change as well. What do you think some of the changes are that have impacted your top three compensation factors?2Under group and company-wide incentive programs, do you believe it is possible for poor performers to benefit without making substantial contributions to group or company goals? What can companies do to ensure that poor performers do not benefit?3Thinking about your current job or a job you previously held, discuss whether you believe that you personally would benefit from a person-focused pay plan. Explain your response.4Consider the company that you currently work for or one for which you have been employed previously. Describe the pay structure of the company, and discuss whether or not you feel it is/was fair to the employees. What, if anything, could be or could have been improved about the pay structure?5Thinking about the organization y.ou currently work for or one for which you have worked in the past, what has been the most valuable benefit for you personally? Explain your choice.6Think about the CEO of the company you currently work for or one for which you have worked in the past. What are your thoughts about the compensation package that he or she receives or received? Do you believe that the work he or she does or did merits such a compensation package? Why, or why not?7.After reading about person-focused pay plans in your textbook, would you prefer to be employed by a company that utilized a person-focused pay plan or by a company that utilized an incentive pay plan? Explain your reasoning.8Thinking back on the material you learned in this course, how can you apply what you learned to your current or future work?


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