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Learning Journal: Leadership Challenges This task requires you to address 3 out of 5 leadership challenges raised in topics 1 to 5. These challenges are posed within the subject topics. You wil

Learning Journal: Leadership ChallengesThis task requires you to address 3 out of 5 leadership challenges raised in topics 1 to 5.These challenges are posed within the subject topics.  You will be able to practice these activities in the discussion forum for the relevant week. Feedback on your contributions will be provided within the relevant discussion forum.Select any 3 out of 5 challenges to present for your assessment. You would be expected to improve your original post by reading through all posts made (collaborative learning) and doing some additional research. Use real world examples of leaders and their organisations to support arguments for each challenge.Submit a complete package of your work through Turnitin by the due date.Here are your guidelines for completing this assessment task.Each leadership challenge activity (10 marks each, total 30 marks)Each leadership challenge has a question for you to address. Your response to the challenge must be substantial, demonstrating that you can apply knowledge from the topic in a critical way. There isn’t usually one correct answer to these challenges; hence, the scope for critical thought. The maximum word count for each leadership challenge response is 500 words +/- 10%.References are required: citations within the body of the text, and a reference list. At least three professional or academic references must be included at the end of each leadership challenge addressed.Rationaleback to topThis assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:be able to provide a comprehensive explanation of the role of able to critically analyse, in the context of the framework of relevant theories and research, current and projected issues which impact on organisational leadership and organisational able to synthesise issues for organisational leaders and evaluate plausible impacts requiring leadership decisions.


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