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List two benefits of the IT Strategy to use a SaaS solution to support the hiring process.


List two benefits of the IT Strategy to use a SaaS solution to support the hiring process.
The two benefits of the IT strategy to use a SaaS solution to support the hiring process are that it will be able to deploy quickly, while leveraging industry best practices at a low cost. MTC would like to have a service that would be scalable because of its diverse workforce that uses different methods of accessing MTCs services for hiring processes and communication. While using SaaS, MTC will receive maintenance, security, updates and data backups too. This would protect data, control access to that data, and allow MTC to use current security for mobile links.

Identify three things the CIO and his team should look for as they consider which SaaS vendor to select. Explain what they are and why they are important to MTCs business.
Three things senior management at MTC should look for are:

Interoperability MTC would like to use a SaaS that would not replace their existing systems and architecture, but work with them.

Security MTC has sensitive data on its systems about applicants and candidates. They would like to protect this information from any form of breach. MTC would like to clear security measures along with the ability to control access and protect that sensitive information.

Portability The hiring team and stakeholders for the new SaaS would like to use different types of devices to access the system. Since they would like to use different mobile devices, they are looking for a system that presents well and is capable of working with them.

Then, explain what you think is MTCs biggest risk in outsourcing this IT function, why you selected that risk, and what MTCs IT departments key responsibilities are to minimize risk and protect the business as they select and use a SaaS solution.
I believe the biggest risk with outsourcing this IT function is security. I selected security because even though most SaaS providers offer it. There are still areas not covered by the SLA and must be evaluated before considering service. Another big risk with security is what happens to the data in the event of the SaaS company should shut down. MTCs IT department should thoroughly review the SLA to become familiar with what is covered per agreement. MTC should also be aware of how often the SaaSs company reviews security practices, discuss security practices and policies with that company (, 2021). MTCs management team should ask who is in control of the data collected by their servers and systems if the company ever loses business.


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