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MAR027-2 – Employability Project – Management Assignment Help


Assignment Task

Unit learning outcomes

On completion of this unit you should be able to:

Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding From both agency and client perspectives, how client expectations can be met by establishing a clear project focus and direction, which will in turn inform your career choice and preparation

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

•Develop a project plan by applying relevant tools and skills to develop appropriate measurable objectives, and use reflection to inform self-improvement

The project you choose should achieve one of the following, depending on your subject area or interest;

a) Market research for a stated purpose

b) An idea generation activity linked to the development of a new product or service

c) A promotional activity designed to build relationships

d) The organisation and management of an event

e) An awareness building campaign

Your portfolio should be submitted in multiple formats (e.g. video, PowerPoint, Word document, mind-map software). Use at least three different communication platforms.

Task 1 – Identify client and agency roles

Task 2 – Create a briefing document that sets out the problem to be addressed, contains clear and measurable objectives for the project using appropriate KPIs and other key information e.g. house style

Task 3 – Provide a document that identifies the data that will be needed to inform the project and how it will be provided

Task 4 – Provide a project overview and schedule

Task 5 – Provide a risk register that reviews some of the issues and challenges that may be encountered, and how these may be countered or avoided

Task 6 – Submit a reflective report that gives a rationale for your preferred role(s) in the project, considers your professional and personal development during the process and that builds an action plan for further self-improvement. Include tactical steps and practical measures that you would fulfil to overcome weaknesses identified.

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