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MC and TF about Diversity and Society: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, history homework help

There are 25 TF questions and 6 MC. Please finish the work in 2 hoursI would need a Correct rate: more than 80%Don’t bid if u can’t finish on time. Thank youTF1.  As an “economic pie” became larger in the 1950’s, the foundationfor racism reduced, which contributed to the passing of the Civil Right Act in1964. T/F2. “Culture of Poverty” is a moreconsumption oriented than investment oriented value. Many conservative scholarsand politicians blame such a culture for the continuation of poverty among someminorities. T/F3.  E.O. Wilson believes that poverty has a genetic cause. T/F4. Asian Americans would likely have a greaterchance to get into high paying jobs as American society has demanded and willlikely demand more education (human) capital in recent years and for thefuture. T/F5. American Capitalism is greatly flawed by thefact that capitalists often earn windfall profit by bribing politicians withouthonest effort and motivation. T/F6.  Booker T. Washington was taking more an assimilationist approach than W.E.BDubois was for African Americans’ adjustment in American society. T/F7. Usurious Credit system in the South perpetuatedpoverty among many emancipated African Americans in the late 19th and early20th century. T/F8. The vast majority of social scientists believethat strong racial stratification/racism has been a genetically given attributeof any human population without any economic or political context. T/F9. Globalized U.S. Economy will likely createdmore manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and help minority groups get out ofpoverty. T/F10. It is safe to say that White women gained truegender equality in recent decades unlike African American women. T/F11. The institutionalization of racism and sexismoften involves the participation of pop culture in shaping our minds. T/F12. Among the following which sentence makes theleast sense concerning the recent African Americans? T/F13.  Emancipated African slaves in the South did not have many options exceptbecoming sharecroppers in the 19th century. T/F14. It is safe to say that during the plantationera, brutal slavery system and racism were necessary for plantation/slaveowners. T/F15. As white women and Hispanic populations werelegally included into the category of underrepresented minority, AfricanAmerican men’s economic opportunities have been shrinking since 1960’s. T/F16. Even though the 15th Amendment legallyprotected African Americans’ suffrage right, the Southern society had many waysto deny African Americans from such right including literacy test and poll taxpolicy up until 1965. T/F17. According to the film “The TerribleTransformation”, most African settlers in the early 17th century Virginiawere not restricted from owning land and establishing families until theirlegal status became slaves later on. T/F18.  The poverty rate among the children raised by their single mothers has beenhigher than the national average of all children’s. T/F19. The fallacy of “meritocracy” couldeasily be proven by the fact that wealth is inherited to the wealthy people’schildren. T/F20. The National Origin Act of 1924 was designed tocreate a racially diverse society. T/F21. Plessy v. Ferguson case proved that the highestjudicial authority itself was not interested in establishing a social systemfor racial equality. T/F22. According to the lecture and the text, the 1965Immigration and Naturalization Act greatly increased the diversity of Americanpeople. T/F23. As American society was moving into thepostindustrial age, the brutal form of racism was less needed for the Southerneconomy. T/F24.  Jesse Jackson’s idea of racism in the Silicon Valley’s high tech industryappeared to falsely conjure up the old form of racism and causes of it withoutconsidering the changed economic and social aspects of American society in the21st century. T/F25. As American society is moving toward theInformation age, the economic status of less educated minority groups wouldlikely face even more economic hardship than before. T/FMC1. Among the following on the causes ofdesegregation in American, which sentence makes the least sense?a. A sufficient amount of job/economic opportunities after World War II madea favorable environment for the inclusion of African Americans.b. Some Democrats saw a great opportunity to collect votes from AfricanAmericans by implementing desegregation policies in the 1960’sc. A significant number of White Americans became sympathetic toward thecause of African Americans after witnessing the brutality against AfricanAmericans.d. White Southern Baptists felt an enormous guilt about racial prejudice andviolence against African Americans and urged law makers to pass moredesegregation laws in the 1960’s.e. Industrialization/mechanization made coercedlabor obsolete and more African Americans could liberate themselves from thetight control of labor and segregation policies.2.Among the following which sentence makes the least sense on the”opening up” or liberal society in the 1950’s and 1960’s?Select one:a. As more news media took more liberal approaches in covering the story ofAfrican Americans in the South, the increasing number of white people began tosupport the cause of African Americans.b. Some Jewish Americans provided legal assistance for African Americans inthe 1950’s-1960’s without charging for their service.c. It is safe to say that all African Americans including Jamaican, Haitian,Kenyan immigrants united well based upon their common suffering.d. Lyndon Johnson was able to persuade manySouthern law makers to pass the Civil Right Act.3.Native Americans were able to escape the long lasting slavery and racialhierarchy that Africans experienced. Among the following which one is not thereason for it?Select one:a. Native Americans showed some serious force and power to the Anglosettlers.b. Native Americans were protected by the British crown during the colonialtime to avoid a possible warfare between Native Americans and Anglo settlers.c. Native American sovereignty was fairly well protected by U.S. SupremeCourt in some court cases compared with other branches of power.d. Anglo plantation owners were neverinterested in Native American slavery mainly because they were able to useChinese “Coolie” labor.4.Among the following which sentence make the least sense concerning the imageof Native Americans in American pop culture.Select one:a. In recent years, more liberal Hollywood movie producers made morepositive images of Native Americans.b. Native Americans mysticism, whether true of not, has helped the generalpublic concern about the future of Native Americans.c. When the Western movies were made casting John Wayne or Clint Eastwood,Native Americans’ sovereign rights were well portrayed by the producers.d. U.S. Supreme Court has helped NativeAmericans in many court cases and educated the general public to be aware ofthe problems that Native Americans face.5.Among the following which sentence makes the least sense concerning NativeAmericans?Select one:a. Alcoholism is one of the major problems among young Native Americans.b. Suicide is one of the major problems among young Native Americans.c. Dawes Act did not seem to assist Native Americans to get out of despairand poverty.d. Gaming industry in recent decades made anextremely negative impact on all Native Amerians.6.Among the following which one is the greatest problem of today’s NativeAmericans?Select one:a. The federal government allocated too little money for Native Americans.b. Native Americans’ selfishness against other tribes only hurt the interestof all Native Americans.c. Native Americans face the contradiction between the values of Americancapitalism and their values of collectivism and sharing.d. An increasing homicide rate among NativeAmericans only increase the despair of Native Americans.


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