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Mental Disorders – Study Room



Watch a movie that you think depicts some aspect of mental disorder that we have discussed this semester.
Watch the movie carefully and complete the following tasks:
1. Choose the character that you are going to examine. State the character’s name and briefly describe the movie that they are from. (Approximately 1 paragraph)
2. What is the character’s basic presenting problem (i.e., what issues he/she is facing, how his/her
family/personal background affects the issue, what he/she feels, how he/she deals with his/her emotions or copes with problems)? (Approximately 1 page)
2. State the psychiatric disorder that the character demonstrates (i.e., Borderline Personality Disorder, OCD, Major Depressive Disorder, etc.) Describe the DSM-5 criteria for this disorder. Then, discuss how the character demonstrates symptoms and meets criteria for the disorder? Share specific examples of the character’s behaviors, statements or ways of thinking that specifically support your view that they meet criteria for this disorder. (Approximately 3 pages)
3. Having described the character and their disorder, describe what type of treatment you would recommend for this character, drawing on what you learned in lectures, the textbook or other readings. The treatment recommended should fit with what you have learned in the class. (Approximately 1-2 pages).

Movie suggestions:As Good As It Gets-movie
Black Swan-movie
Donnie Darko – movie
Girl, Interrupted -movie
The Accountant – movie
12 Monkeys -movie
Taxi Driver – movie
Sybil – movie
Temple Grandin – movie
The Joker- move
A Beautiful Mind – movie
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – movie
The Soloist – movie
Silver Linings Playbook – movie




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