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MGMT 3393 Compensation Management Course

***This is a continuation from the previous paper you wrote********$10.00***MGMT 3393 Compensation Management CourseDue ThursdayMarch 30th Instructions: The purpose of the assignment is to continue working on your analysis of the organization in your Paper 1. Discuss the three areas listed below in your paper and submit for feedback from your instructor.Description, history, and discussion of the organization’s leadership philosophy, culture, strategic goals and objectives, how they are communicated and supported.What roles and degree of participation do the various constituencies within the organization have in the total compensation program?What is the communication strategy for the current compensation/reward system?Integrate appropriate biblical perspectives and ethical principles into your paperThe formatting requirements are the same as the background paper: Type up a short paper of 2 or more pages in length. APA formatting is required with appropriate cover page, in-text citations and reference page in a Word document or saved as a .doc file with your last name as part of the file name


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