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MGT550 – Managing Operations – Case Study


Assignment Task

The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to be able to evaluate the operations of a company, develop and/or revise the organisational plans and controls, and manage the organisations’ corporate and social responsibility strategies.

Case Scenario

The Big Green Tractor is an industrial tractor company based in Palembang, Indonesia. The company has been facing declining growth in the recent years and would like to streamline its operations to be more efficient.

The Big Green Tractor has hired you to help them with the streamlining of their operation. The company would also like for you to make recommendations on an environmentally friendly way to cut down on pollutants from the company’s production processes.

Assignment Instructions

1. Create an operational industrial streamline procedural guide that will help the Big Green Tractor from start to finish with their productions. The recommendation report must include the following:

a. The recommendation should include more cost-efficient manufacturing processes. b. A through plan to minimise defects throughout the manufacturing process. c. The use of 21st century tools to create a greener process. 2. Develop a socially responsible operational guide for the Big Green Tractor for their pollutants. The guide must include the following:

a. Industrial standards on disposal of chemical waste.

b. Green alternatives to traditional manufacturing process.

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