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mphasise on devirroipprovement systems | Essay Furious


TASK 1 PART A You – are r workshop monitor a

TASK 1 Student Information:
nd • business. must e n manage continuous mphasise on devirroipprovement systems and pro ment 0 y f s sterns and anal yc se sss eosofvoen f ernents. formation Automotive to equired to lead and
adjust performance strategies and to anage opPortunities for further iflW1
Yourself as working in `VTI Auto improvement processes. It must inc •ngS: and Car nc ude the followl Workshop
• Employee involvement • Application of the PDCA model
• Employee responsibility an • and initiative Stakeholders
• Effective communication in theprocess • Use of training methods
• Strategies for monitoring the process • Recognition of 1Denefits to the organisation
Care’ . Discuss
• Record-keeping procedures that will aid in the process of further improvement

PART B: Assume yourself as a senior manager of the same company with the strategic goal of either increasing productivity or customer service measures by 10% within next 12months. Coordinate with your team to.. • Identify organisational functioning issues resulting in lower productivity than desired or • What different continuous improvement techniques or models you can use which matches customer satisfaction results lower than desired. • Develop continuous improvement strategies to address the performance issues. Strategies should sustain requirements’ the following: o Performance measurement and management. o Job roles and clarity of expectations. O Rewards and recognition. o Communication sy t. stems. o Training and developmen plan to implement the strategy. O Mentoring systteiomnis• toif°Iclustomer service feedback. Performance monitoring oinintiphienbae:itsa o Develop an ac

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