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magine you are a European immigrant to America, trying to adapt to the new life you sought. You want to share your experiences with your family back home so they will better understand.Choose a country of origin and religious tradition:Country of originPolandItalyBulgariaGreeceUkraineCzechoslovakiaSerbiaReligious traditionCatholicJewishLutheranOther ProtestantNo religious traditionWrite a 700- to 1,050-word, first-person description of your experiences as an immigrant to America in the late 19th or early 20th century. The description should take the form of a journal entry, autobiography, or diary.Include descriptions of the following:The political, social, or economic factors that precipitated your migrationThe journey across the ocean, including sleeping accommodations and available foodEllis IslandThe city you settle in, and whyThe racist attitudes of some AmericansTenement housingFactory conditions, hours worked, and payThe status your children eventually achieveFormat references according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab


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