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Online Offline Consumer Behaviour Report Writing


Assignment Task


You are required to compile a portfolio report that demonstrates your theoretical and practical understanding of consumer behaviour in relation to consumption of vegetarian foods. Your portfolio report should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding on the following topics: a. The concepts of Decision-Making Unit and Buyer Persona and their relevance for analysing consumer behaviour in offline and/ or online contexts for vegetarian foods (10 marks and 555 words approximately). b. The Decision-Making Process and Models and their use in understanding consumer behaviour in the context of consumption of vegetarian foods (10 marks and 555 words approximately).The influence of Reference Groups, Lifestyle, Consumer Identity and Paid Influencers on consumer behaviour for purchasing of vegetarian foods, in both online and offline contexts (40 marks and 2.225 words approximately). d. The influence of culture in consumer behaviour in relation both online and offline context in the purchasing and consumption of vegetarian foods (20 marks and 1110 words approximately). e. What would be practical recommendations (two/max three ideally) for a company (from one of the examples previously given in the portfolio) that would like to enter this sector in a country of your choice? These should be based on your previous analysis and justified accordingly (10 marks and 555 words approximately). Assessed intended learning outcomes On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to: 1. Demonstrate a critical awareness of the concepts, theories and debates surrounding the synergies of offline and online consumer behaviour and their practical relevance to the development of marketing strategy 2. Critically evaluate and synthesise differing approaches to the explanation of consumers’ behaviour in relation to products/services, brands, marketing communications and social media 3. Demonstrate critical awareness of current issues in marketing and consumption in relation to digital business, business ethics and consumer and societal well-being 4. Analyse the benefits, problems and challenges that consumer society and culture present for business, policy makers and consumers and assess the roles and responsibilities of both marketing practitioners and consumers

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