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1) The paper has an attention-getting intro that draws readers in and sets up the topic as a problem that needs to be solved or explored. Yes No
-Short Explanation:

2)The paper’s thesis (quote directly):
-The author’s focus narrowly adheres to this thesis. Yes No

3) Source information is blended effectively and clear connections are stated by the author in order to clarify meaning for the reader.
-Yes—one good example of how the author does this:
-No—one suggestion for how the author could do this:

4) At least one opposing viewpoint has been acknowledged and refuted.
-Yes—one example of how the author does this:
-No— a possible angle the author could consider:

5) After reading the paper, it is clear what stance the author takes on the topic and what kind of claims they are making. Yes No

6) One suggestion for revision:


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