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PMN604 Strategy And Projects: Planning Process


PMN604 Strategy And Projects


The strategic planning process is a significant step for a particular business organization. This process helps in evaluating the primary and secondary goals and objectives of the organization. This process also helps in capturing an insight into the future goals of the organization which the organization needs to achieve in a certain period. As regards, the process of strategic planning helps to evaluate each step of the organization and anticipate the coming risks shortly. In this report, the strategic planning of TEACH for Australia has been analyzed and a plan has been laid down for STEP- an eco-system for TEACH for Australia. STEM is a learning eco-system and focuses on spreading education to the rural areas and help students from low-income economic backgrounds to access educational facilities. This report, therefore, attempts to evaluate the strategic planning of executing STEM step by step to provide quality educational opportunities to rural students. 
Teach for Australia’s STEM platform is an online learning ecosystem service. State, families, and small businesses are the primary sources of funding. The organisation is reportedly attempting to create a STEM learning ecosystem for Australia’s remote and outlying regions. Suppliers have little bargaining power in these areas because they are unfamiliar with this form of service and are loyal to the company (Kolb et al., 2017). Both the business and the government have a new opportunity to create educational, learning, and career opportunities. As a result, the suppliers’ bargaining power is limited. The business has a strong market position, and the STEM learning ecosystem is growing in both the private and public sectors. The organisation is dedicated to improving community wellbeing through education. Rising domestic learning lead to time and opportunities for people in rural areas to create employment opportunities. It is mostly free for people and teenagers, with the possibility of receiving higher education scholarships in the future. In comparison to other market costs, teaching training would cost a minimum. Teach for Australia will recognise the talents of all individuals in the Australian community, and the organisation will provide opportunities for potential personal and professional growth for them.

The mission statement of Teach for Australia for STEM learning eco-system is listed below;
• Developing a collaborative leadership development platform for all
• Minimizing the gap between educational literacy and opportunity gap
• Developing technological, engineering, and science education and leadership
• Developing career opportunities for lower socioeconomic households in the community

The proposed STEM learning ecosystem service will make connected learning benefits for students during their community, both external and internal of school, colleges, and others. The service modelled post different effective cross-sector STEM co-operations. This innovative service will be launched through government, local companies, and Teach for Australia, which is of the STEM funders system. The learning ecosystem will be anchored through local companies and people like pre-k-school process; colleges and other colleges; STEM-rich platforms like museums in the country, out-of-school education centres, as well as companies (Sharma & Yarlagadda, 2018). Teachers, professionals, family members, as well as others, will work collaboratively to include STEM operations in the children’s daily lives. For instance, in rural areas of Australia and outside provinces the Summer school program team will work including a community-oriented STEM teacher, a district educator, and an afterschool youth development professional co-increase and co-educate a responsible curriculum concentrated on ecosystem science, which will connect STEM and mathematical educations with real-time study (Sithole et al., 2017). 

Programme Management Portfolio
STEM is one of the `learning initiatives of Teach for Australia. This platform mainly focuses on delivering quality education to the rural poor and concentrate on increasing the rate of education in the rural areas. To understand the portfolio of the programme “STEM”, it is important to learn about the different processes, methods and techniques of the project that is planned to be used during this particular project execution.
Significance of the project
The primary objective of this project is to prove that quality education can be delivered to every corner of the world and that economic conditions are not the major barriers to ensuring quality education to the rural poor. According to various studies, it has been seen that online learning platforms are the most effective methods of delivering quality education to rural students. Proper planning and assessment are important for this project as it allows the project managers to identify the unexpected incidents that might occur while conducting a project and therefore anticipated them to formulate countermeasures (Kivilä et al., 2017). Planning and managing projects are important due to several reasons which can be highlighted as follows: 

● Increases communication among the team members
● Reduces the level of risk that can be experienced if an unexpected incident emerges
● Maximum utilisation from scarce resources
● Increases cost-efficiency of the project and makes it budget-friendly
● Increases the value of the project, therefore, keeps it satisfactory for the clients
● Meet the deadlines appropriately and therefore deliver the project within the proposed time
● Enhances the performance of the employees leading to intensified productivity
● Allows the respective organisations to retain the employees by distributing the tasks

Major Risks And Issues
The main risk factor associated with this project is the Risk of Liability, Safety Hazard, Quality ssessment, Cost Risk, Risk of Technology and High Competition. Most of the associated risks here are high except for a few that are moderate. As the project is an online set-up platform, it involves high risks which are associated with the set-up process of the project. Moreover, the project also involves a moderate financial risk therefore it is advisable to check the financial feasibility of the project vehemently.

However, the main issue of production of project management plan monitoring services and its wearable technical devices is to maintain and designing an online e-learning platform other important parts of the project is not easy. The automatic cloud management system is also to be developed to back up all the information. So, this is not easy to amplify the signals in small measure. The next challenge faced by the project implementer is the power line noise removal due to the frequency of 50Hz during setting up the online platform. Most of the time, it is seen that the students face problems because of the website crashing and therefore it is important to develop the website content and ensure the proper working of the website. Moreover, the new filter is designed for the removal of noise and the power line frequency notch is implemented for the website portal. 
Strategy Of Integrated Execution Team
A team is an important part of the project execution process. The teams must be divided into various small groups and thereafter help the management team to help team to formulate the project one by one. Moreover, another important thing is to keep every team member highly
motivated to maintain the team spirit and ensure maximum outcome from the team members themselves. The team is thus very important. The team also ensures that every member feels comfortable and stays motivated throughout the entire process the execution of process. The team enables the big project to be comprised of smaller parts and help in completing the project  faster and quicker. The team members also make it more efficient for the entire team and help the project to be executed in the right way. Moreover, each team member has their ways of performing a particular task with their efficiency; therefore it allows more innovation in the process. This is why the team is necessary during the execution of this entire plan. Moreover, what is also imperative to understand here is that teamwork distributes the workload and helps in reducing any kind of stress which is involved in the process of project management. For instance, in the present scenario, STEM is an e-learning platform and the teams must be divided in such a manner as to the fact that each team looks after their own speculated work and help the members to reduce the workload related to the entire project process. Moreover, the most important thing here is the position of a team leader. A team without a team leader is of no use and that is why it is important to maintain a team with a leader. A team leader plays an important role in managing the entire execution process of the team and also leads the team and takes the responsibility of leading the team forward in an efficient way. A team leader understands the shortfalls and the strengths of each member and assigns work according to that
understanding so that each team member helps the team by executing their responsibilities and carry out the project in the most efficient manner. This will ensure faster execution of the entire process. 

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