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Police Brutality Against minorities – Study Room





Introduce with a revised/edited version of the problem statement
List the major steps of the research plan. They should include the following:
A description of the population of interest, or target population.
Who are they as a group, location, and what are the limiters?
Whether the sample population can be acquired from this target population?
How will sample population is selected or recruited?
How will qualitative data to be gathered from the sample population be collected? Describe the objective. What
is the reason for collecting qualitative data? (These can include but are not limited to interviews, focus groups,
surveys, observations, case study research.)
How the quantitative data will be collected. (These can include but are not limited to secondary data from
reliable data bases, government statistics, and findings from other research studies.) Describe the objective.
What is the reason for collecting quantitative data?
How the success of project will be evaluated and/or measured?
Problem Statement I wrote: Per Mapping Police Brutality, a black person is three times more likely to be killed
by a police officer than a white person; therefore, the problem with police brutality is that the use of excessive
force by the police against an unarmed African American is not justified and should be treated as a national
issue; therefore, there should be clear and consistent standards for training police officers and the cases
involving police officers and African Americans should be given excessive attention due to this ongoing
continuation of African American being killed by police officers. This paper will explore this ongoing issue in
America and how to solve the issue


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