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PROJ 1200 The Principles Of Project Management : Developing Innovative Businesse


Green Nova International Corp is an international company dedicated to developing innovative businesses. The company contributes to Alberta’s economy by expanding horizons in 

• Technology & Renewables,

• Energy & Resources,

• Environmental, Agriculture & Construction industries

The Calgary based company has a strong team of highly experienced business and technical professionals. The ownership group are working members of the team and participate in all phases of the project from beginning to end. 

Lithium mining is one the many projects in GreenNova’s basket. The project is based in Alberta. Alberta is known to have 3rd largest oil and gas reserves which also generate produced water. This water is rich source of lithium salts that can be refined into lithium batteries. Project Lithium is a great opportunity to explore new venture in Alberta and grow organization’s business. It will use Direct Lithium extraction process to mine lithium from the reservoirs and refine it into a usable raw material for the lithium battery industry.

Goals and Processes

Currently, Project Lithium is in its planning stage for phase 1 – Preparing a Preliminary Economic Assessment Report. PEA aids the organization by helping in business decision making. The report helps to understand the possible pathways to realize maximum benefit from the Lithium Project. Therefore, planning the PEA is a crucial step in determining project enhancements. Our team will be responsible for developing a Project Management Plan for phase 1 – Preliminary Economic Assessment for GreenNova International Corp.  

With this responsibility, we contribute to GreenNova by identifying and validating factors such as stakeholders, risks, minimum and maximum duration, skill sets, and schedule for developing a Preliminary Economic Assessment Report. This will help GreenNova develop a Preliminary Economic assessment with maximum amount of ease and productivity.

The team will utilize various Project management tools and techniques. To work on this project, the team will use RACI matrix to determine the team member’s responsibilities and a work breakdown structure to determine team’s activities and tasks to develop the Project Management Plan for the sponsor. An issue log register for the team to identify and acknowledge difficulties and issues faced during the period of the project will be developed. A communications plan to identify the accurate medium and frequency of communication with different stakeholders in order to mitigate any communications issue. A stakeholder’s register and a project charter will be documented to help the team to smoothly function throughout the project. For monitoring purpose, Kanban technique will be used for the team to provide Project status report.


As part of this project the team will be developing Project Management Plan artifacts for Preliminary Economic Assessment Report

1. Project Charter

2. Stakeholder Register

3. Work Breakdown Structure

4. Project Schedule

5. Risk Register

6. Project Status Report


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