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Project of a Small Business


Title Page Cover letter Table of Contents EVERYONE

Refer to in class information and provided examples e.g. Title page=Report title (specific), name of receiver, course code and section, names of preparers (start with surnames in the alphabetical order), St. ID#, date and place.


Executive Summary MAKAR

Summary of what and how of the report. Refer to guidance in class


Objectives and Methodology MAX

Project objective(s) and methodology used

Project objective is to plan, manage and complete OM project of a small business and carefully investigate first world examples and apply the knowledge and concept from class in our project. 

Methodologies used are Primary research and secondary research with the ten operations management decisions 

Industry MAX

Industry description with focus on operations. Pre-COVID and latest (2020&2021) data on products, processes, size/sales volume, important external and internal factors (include KSF, technology), general and specific operation practices.


Organization ROVI

Brief overall organization description: product(s), sales (if applicable), costs structure, strategy, core competencies and competitive position, size (## employees, facilities/other units, and compared to competition), etc., Include latest operations results and ##, where applicable, e.g. sales, etc

These interview questions are answered by Lynne Walmsley, 18 Wheels Logistics’ Customer Relations and Co packing Manager who has been with the company for over four years. 

Who normally does the task of forecasting?

a. We receive forecasts from the clients and we consolidate these.


How/ what method do you normally use to predict future demand and sales for co packing?

a. We receive forecasts from the clients, consolidate and balance these out.


Do you use any tools or software to help you forecast demand and sales?

a. I use MS Excel to consolidate forecasts from our clients.


How has the pandemic affected your forecasts negatively or positively?

a. It affects a lot, but most of all, it shortened our forecast. Before the pandemic, we can do forecasts for 6 months to 1 year period. However, now due to unpredictable demands, like a surge in demand for tissue rolls, we had to change our forecasts to 1 to 2 months.


How accurate are your forecasts every period?

a. I would say it would be about 60% accuracy most of the time.


How significant or insignificant is accurate forecasting to the company and what are the effects of inaccurate forecasting?

a. Very significant because our forecast will be the basis of our scheduling, such as which lines or how many lines to run, and coordinating with staff. It also tells us if we need to employ more people or how many people we are going to get in daily from agencies.


How do you respond to criticisms about your forecasting?

a. I never heard any criticism as it’s only the team who sees it.


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