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Protocol Change – Study Room


The main focus of the Signature Assignment is a research paper where you will propose changing a protocol (a procedure or method of care), with the intent to improve quality of care for patients. The paper must:

-Include a proposal to change a protocol, using evidence found in research
-Include the use of at least four references that have been published in the last five years
-Include 1,250 to 2,000 words of content, not including the title page or reference list
-Utilize APA formatting, including the use of in-text citations
-Include a title page, and reference list

Choose a protocol you want to change. Research the protocol and possible solutions for improvement, and write a proposal. You will not have to write the actual protocol. The point of the Signature Assignment is to give you experience writing proposals, and having them approved.

Address the following topics in your paper:

Introduction: Describe the importance of implementing an evidence-based protocol and provide a basic introduction to your protocol.

Process Protocol Addresses: Explain the process the protocol will address and improve. Describe the current process and the problems it presents. Identify how the improvement will enhance patient outcomes, improve financial stability, increase quality and safety, patient satisfaction, and employee retention.

Supporting Data: Provide a summary of your research supporting the proposed protocol.

Health Care Setting: Provide background information on the organization where the protocol will be implemented. Include the name (can be fictitious), size of the organization, type of organization, and unit or department in which the protocol will be instituted.

Stakeholders and Approvals: Identify the team members who will be affected by implementation of the protocol. Describe the approval process for the protocol and the process of implementing the protocol.

Obstacles: Describe obstacles encountered when implementing a protocol. These could be related to the workforce, financial matters, resistance to change, or bureaucracy.

Presenting Protocol Idea to Leadership: In real-life situations, the leadership of an organization must accept the proposal, and approve a new protocol’s development before a new protocol is developed. Describe how you would pitch your protocol to leadership. Reflect on what you have learned about creating and executing successful presentations in this and other courses. Identify the tools you needed to effectively pitch the protocol.

Implementation of Protocol: Describe the process from brainstorming the protocol to implementing the new protocol. This can presented as a timeline, or phased method.

Education and Training: Explain the process of educating and training required staff on the protocol. In what ways will staff members be required to use the new protocol, and be held accountable for its use? Describe the training needed, including the number of sessions, timing of the sessions, and the method of training. Describe what needs to be in place for the protocol to be used, and how education will be completed initially, for new hires, and if needed, refresher courses. Explain the resources required to effectively complete the training.

Achievements: What will the outcome of successful use of the protocol look like? Create a measurable achievement. Example: “By implementing this employee recognition program, staff turnover will be reduced by 20% for a three-month period”. This is an achievable goal that is measurable. It has defined success by a 20% decrease in staff turnover.

Measurement of Success: Describe the tools that will be used to measure the success of the protocol implementation and length of time data will be collected (this should correlate directly to your established goal). Common tools: Surveys, Chary audits, check lists, etc.

Conclusion: Provide an overall conclusion to your paper.


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