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Public Personnel Managent- 6 page Paper and 6-10 slide Power Point

Training Topic Paper & Powerpoint (Critical Assignment) Topic: employee motivation and recognition programs in the public sector workplaceStudent training topic Paper with PowerPoint: The written paper and Power point assignment is designed to have the student focus on one specific area of public personnel management while also integrating concepts of the overall course content that relate to the selected topic area.  This is the CRITICAL ASSIGNMENT for the class.  It must be passed with a grade of “C”or higher in order to pass the course.Each student will select a topic that is relevant to the training of supervisor-level positions in a public workplace.The assignment has two parts: 6 Sources neededA 5 to 6 page research paper on the topic and its relevance to the public sector work place. (APA format, 2 sources in addition to the Dresang text)A training-style power point (6 to 10 slides total) directed to an audience of supervisors and mid managers.  


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