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PY4206 Learning Memory Cognition and the Language Management


Topic – The influence of social isolation in the elderly

Background Those with dementia or mild cognitive impairments have been recognised as an extremely vulnerable population. Social isolation and loneliness are commonly experienced by this group and can take a significant toll on their mental and physical health. Physical activity, a good nutritious diet, social interaction, support, and cognitive stimulation are recognised considerations for reducing cognitive decline in this population. Recently, given the associated social isolation brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, these vital protective factors for this population have been compromised.

Task for Topic: Review the literature relating to the application of cognitive psychological research findings, to explore the impact of social isolation on patients experiencing cognitive decline during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider how these circumstances could influence this population’s memory and/or cognitive functioning. You may choose to focus on memory or cognition for this topic.

Aligned subject learning outcomes

  • apply and evaluate theories and principles of cognitive psychology in the context of the global challenges including our global ageing population
  • analyse, synthesize, and present findings from cognitive research in an appropriate manner

Aligned professional standards/competencies

  • Australian Psychology Accreditation Council Accreditation Standards
  • APAC foundational competencies 1.1 vi., 1.2 and 1.3

As part of your development in the area of Learning, Memory, Cognition and Language, we will be introducing you to the skills involved with researching what the literature has to say about a given topic and presenting a considered overview of such in an academic manner. For this assessment, you are asked to conduct a literature review to address one of the three topics listed below.

Topics are centred around the content based on Memory and Cognition. Specific requirements are indicated for each topic. Please be sure to review the task statements. You only need to choose one topic to write your Literature Review. Choosing a topic outside of this list will result in a fail grade. Follow the assessment rubric for more guidance on the marking criteria for this assessment item.

General requirements:

Ensure you present your review in an academic writing style. This entails formal, accurate, concise, objective writing that cites all evidence discussed. Note the contrast to journalistic writing style, which is entertaining, often subjective, and uses an informal structure.

We expect that all of the work that you cite in your assignment will be in your own words – direct quotations should be kept to a maximum of 1. We expect that at least 99% of the work will be using your own words, paraphrasing what you have understood from the work of others whom you have read.

Your work should follow the formatting requirements stipulated by the APA 7th guidelines. Additionally, referencing (both in-text and in the reference list) should also follow APA 7th formatting conventions. Please view the following APA formatting.


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