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Research Proposal for a Pedagogical Project in the Teaching Area (Australian Secondary)


Propose and describe* a feasible small-scale pedagogical project. that incorporates an intervention program** in your teaching area (Secondary) that may be implemented during the final professional experience block, whilst adhering to the following structure:

Front Cover (N/C)
Table of Contents
Abstract (~150 words)
Introduction, Purpose, Significance of Study (~250 words)
Problem Statement (~250 words)
Theoretical Framework (~500 words)
Statement of Aims and Research Questions and/or Research Hypotheses (~150 words)
Review of the Literature (~1500 words)
The Design Methods and Procedures (~1000 words)
Ethical Issues (~100 words)
Limitations and Delimitation (~100 words)
References (N/C)
Appendix (minimum inclusion of ethics forms and data collection instrumentation) (N/C)
*N/C denotes Not included in the word count


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  • scholarly sources and popular sources


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