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Sales incentives are one of the most popular incentives in the workplace. Commissions are one form of sales incentives and can come in many forms including base hourly wage + commissions, base salary

Sales incentives are one of the most popular incentives in the workplace. Commissions are one form of sales incentives and can come in many forms including  base hourly wage + commissions, base salary wage + commissions, and straight commissions.  Review the brief job descriptions located below and  determine which of the three types of pay plans listed above best suites each job. Include the rational for your choices and applicable material to support your choices.  Job Descriptions – MSHR 635Sales Job AIn this position, you will be the primary driver for identifying, developing, and closing new business opportunities on a national basis. You will manage a team of 4 employee and oversee the entire sales lifecycle from prospecting to close in order to pursue statewide contracts and close high-level business deals. You will generate leads, engage prospects, lead web-based demonstrations & conduct live presentations to introduce the unique benefits and advantages offered by Widget King Associates – essentially, you will be expected to build relationships, write proposals, and close business deals. Other miscellaneous duties may be required, as neededSales Job BEssential Job Functions:Fully qualify the customer in order to build lasting relationships and to better serve them with their entire project.Close inbound sales calls (no cold calling or telemarketing).Reply to Customer Chats and Emails in a timely and professional manner.Up Sell & Promote new products/promotions.Handle and resolve customer concerns politely and professionally.Work with other departments to improve processes.Finish all work assigned throughout the work day.Prioritize tasks, balancing incoming call volume and personal follow up.Master essential skills in working with customers to ensure customer satisfaction and the meeting of sales and revenue goals.Sales Job C·         Accountable for meeting or exceeding monthly sales quota by making significant outbound telephone sales calls to target new clients.*Tasked with learning all of the products and becoming a consultative expert.* Responsible for selling all subscription services to prospects via telephone cold-calls.* Fully manages the sales cycle from the cold-call to the close.* Qualifies and follows up with sales leads.* Prospects key target clients for compliance-related up-sell opportunities.* Efficiently and accurately documents sales conversations and pipeline opportunities in our CRM system.·         Must be able to work from home·         Entrepreneurial like mind set·         Self managedPlease use APA format for citations and references and this is not a formal paper.


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