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Selecting for the Future Presentation

The following assignment is for Human Resources Specialists only.At professional conferences, blocks of time may be set aside for what are termed “poster sessions.” A hotel ballroom or large open area will be ringed with individuals who use displays such as posters or electronic presentations displayed via projectors. These sessions provide an opportunity to share one’s research, in an intimate setting, with a small group gathered around who share a similar interest. The seminar format of this course is very similar to this academic exchange. During one 2–week unit of study, you will be appointed as a Presenter. If you are one of the Presenters for this 2–week unit, you are to prepare an academic presentation much like a poster session.As the Presenter for this 2–week unit, based on your own prior knowledge and current research, you will present a 7– to 10–slide PowerPoint presentation  relating to the weekly topic “Selecting for the Future.”Please remember to use the audio technology within PowerPoint to make your presentation. (Please use female audio voice technology).Please format references according to APA guidelines.


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