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Short answer under 500 words

Imagine a patient at an integrative clinic in Queens, New York.  The patient has received intake from both a CAH provider and conventional doctor. Both providers have reached the conclusion that the patient has cancer of the lungs.  The conventional doctor informs the patient of the best treatment options within the conventional treatment protocol, which results in a survival rate of ten percent.  The doctor goes on to explain the major side effects of the treatment: decrease in weight, hair loss, nausea, vomiting, loss of coordination, major weakness etc.The CAH provider offers their best treatment options to the patient as well, but with lessened side effects from the treatment.  The CAH provider finally informs the patient that because there have not been any studies supporting the efficacy of this treatment, the provider cannot offer the patient any survival rate statistic. Aside from seeking a second opinion, what do you believe are the thoughts, questions, and concerns that the patient will have for each provider? Which course of action do you think the patient should take? Explain your answer. In addition to this week’s required and recommended readings, locate an additional scholarly source to support you discussion. Cite your source using APA styl


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