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Social Media Research: Sports writing needed for assignment


Please read direction file for the classwork assignment details and review the rubric file. Also, watch the YouTube video link.Also, you can review the tips on powerpoints and the book How to…. as well. Once you read the directions folder and look over the scenario, I will need writing to built PowerPoints according to what the YouTube video and other materials suggest.

Please make writing in a way to built PowerPoints. If slide one in on XYZ then put the topic and no more than 6 items for slide #1and add the writing next to it on paper, which I will use to present. So, for instance, example, topic colors: red, white, blue Speech writing will be: these are the colors of the flag for our great nation called the United States of America. Our independence day was on 7/4/1776. So, I will put topic for slide #1 as: Colors Underneath: Red white and blue. Then I will put a flag pic and that is it for slide #1. On my cue card, I will write these are the great colors of the United States….etc.

This way I can do the PowerPoint, the presentation, and you provide the aided materials. In the meantime, I will start designing the PowerPoints slides with buttons, color scheme, etc.


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