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SOFT40051 Advanced Software Engineering- Development Goes Astray


SOFT40051 Advanced Software Engineering


1. Assessment Requirements

The assignment is group coursework (with some individual tasks, see Section 1 and 2). Given the problem scenario in Section 2, the group is required to produce a collective report of the designed and implemented software application. A Video demonstrating the software is required and a video link must submitted into the Dropbox folder named Video link. The portfolio (one per group) must be submitted electronically through now before the deadline:

Students must use the following convention for naming their folders and files:

“Group_X_ASE_Report” (for example, Group_X where X is the name of the group –report for the assignment of the module SOFT40051). Students are also advised to add the same information to the header section of your submitted document.

All files must be submitted in a single, main folder per group.

The zipped file must have the following structure:

  • SRC containing all the code files (mandatory);
  • TESTS with the tests’ source code and README file explaining how to run the tests
  • BUILD containing the build files:
  • RESULTS with results material/images of the software.
  • DOC containing Reference and User manuals, and report in the PDF/html formats.

Please upload all the videos to YouTube and provide the links in the reports. Do not include videos in the zip file.

The code must also be stored in a git repository. Please refer to Lab 2 to learn how to setup your git repository. Students are encouraged to add links to the main git repository in the report.

This will enable you to recover quickly should the system fail and allow you to backtrack if your development goes astray.

Ensure that the work submitted will execute on the Ubuntu VMs provided.

Keep evidence of the submission of your assignment, and a copy of your assignment in case of the unlikely event of any loss.

a. Groups

Each group is composed by two members (exceptionally three). Only one member should develop the C++ application while the other member develops the Java application. Students will be randomly assigned to groups of 2 and exceptionally, groups of 3 will be formed to avoid having groups composed of only one group member. Students will be allowed to swap groups until the 12th of November 2021.

Please email the Module Leader ([email protected]) with the source group and destination group details if you would like to swap group until the 12th of November.

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