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Step 2: Development of Project Charter The first and the foremost thing in any project management is development of the proj



Step 2: Development of Project Charter 

The first and the foremost thing in any project management is development of the project charter, a document that officially starts a project and provides a reference for the future as well as a direction from start to end. A Project Charter contains objective statement of a project, describes key project goals, lists key stakeholders, and enumerates roles and responsibilities of project team members. Thus, your supervisor asked to develop a project charter to formally initiate the EHR project. The Project Charter document should comprise:

Title of the Project – EHR Implementation Phase I

Project Objective – why you want to undertake the project? What are the anticipated benefits?

Project Goals – what are you trying to accomplish?

Stakeholders – who will benefit from the project?

Project Team – Project Managers and Project Steering Committee; their roles and responsibilities.

This step of the project should comprise 3-5 APA formatted pages, excluding the Cover and Reference pages.

Your supervisor also advised you to read these articles before proceeding with this step:

A Quick Guide to project Charter.

Project Charter

Project Charter: Example, Template, Definition, & Purpose [PMBOK]

The Roe and Purpose of Project Charter

Stakeholders in EHR

Who are the key stakeholders during EHR implementation?

How to Identify Key Stakeholders for a Healthcare IT Project

Sample Position Description: Project Manager, Health Information Exchange

 Examples of Project Teams.

Good and Bad Project Managers. 

Oachs, P. K and Watters, A. L. (2020). Chapter 26: Project Management.  Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles and Practice. 6th Ed. AHIMA press.


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