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The Five Main World Religions Are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism


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PrefaceReligion exists in our social life and can organize peoples’ life. Earlier it had more significance. 7.79 billion (2020) people are religious worldwide. The five main world religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Chinese Universism. There are other smaller world religions: Sikhism, Judaism, Bahaism, and Jainism. The formers approach a total of 5 and a half billion believers, of which Christians are 2 billion, Islamics are 1.8 billion, Hindu believers are 1 billion, Buddhists are 4-500 million, and Chinese Universism believers are also about 500 million. The religions aim to unite people in a great group. The world religions function in this scheme: the world religions are those, which count the most believers.   Religion largely determines peoples’ lives. Religions differ from one to another, but each adverts the love of neighbourhood, mercy, peace and mutual respect. Theft, lying and killing in each of them is forbidden. Religion is present from birth to death: the baptism, the confirmation, the wedding, the funeral, the different worship services show the practices of it. Moreover, it is also related to politics and economics. Religion inspires the arts, architecture, literature, reading, science and archaeology. It has an importance in entertainment, too. Religion is expressed through practice, language, culture and sense. The practice of religion can be happened in some institutions of the religious life and everyone in his own home.After their formations – from the 3000 Before Christ to the 15th century -, religions inextricably bonded to colonialism and imperialism. From the end of the 15th-century to the end of the 19th-century, some religions started to expand. After the 7th century, any other main religions did not arise. Smaller and new religions are native African religions, African American religions, Bahái, Judaism, Kaodaism, Shamanism, Satanism, Shintoism, Sikhism, modern Pagan religion, Zoroastrianism, other syncretic religions. Movements of a partly religious nature: New Age, Spiritualism, Freemasonry and Scientology.It’s worth talking about America due to the great cultural differences. Last but not least, the religion of Indonesia, which country which merges six religions, also deserve special attention especially, because you can find there four of five major religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity (Protestantism and Catholicism). The sixth official religion is Confucianism.At the end of my thesis, I would like to enrich my skills in this topic which could be advantageous nowadays in this globalized world.

This knowledge is crucial when I meet different religious people from different cultures. In my thesis, I would like to search for the answer to why religion is an act of power and how it is present in this phenomenon, in religion. Why religion is so important and has such an impact on them. I would like to show as clearly as possible how it interweaves through each area where religion is present, presenting it through the practice of religion, such as education, health, social institutions, and entertainment.Features of main religions ChristianityIt began with the birth of Jesus Christ, who had been born in Bethlehem (Palestine) before some years of our west chronology. It spread from this place to Europe, and after to North Asia, and America. Today the most Christians live in the USA, Brasil, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippine Islands, Ethiopia, Russia, Congo Democratic Republic and Italy in Europe. The first period of this religion was early Christianity, from the death of Jesus to the first century. It was the Age of Apostles. Jesus Christ’s teachings can be read in the Bible, These are the holy documents of Christianity. After, the period of Old Christianity held up to the end of the fourth century. It was the age of Christian persecution. From the fourth to the eighth century was the age of religious disputes and church fathers. 756 was the year of establishment of, the Papal State. The religion was the Roman Catholic. It was the beginning of Medieval Christianity. In 1054 was the Great Depression. In this period the eastern and western parts of the medieval Christian Church apart from each other. On 11 February 1929, the Vatican City State was established.Medieval Christianity was also the time of the Crusades and inquisitions. The Roman Catholic Church and the Pope led the Crusades, and their aim was the acquisition of the Holy Land and getting more believers.

This movement was against Muslims. At the same time, they deepened the gap between the Christians, Muslims and Jewish faith. The aim of the Inquisition was the eradication of heresy. This act attaches to the name of IX. Pope Gregory introduced the Inquisition in 1231 as a tool of spiritual umpirage. Heretics questioned only the exclusive power of the Pope and the Catholic Church. The number of abuses increased, and the dedicated believers were back in monasteries and began to live a monastic life. (The founder of the monastery was St. Anthony.)The Reformation was one of the most necessary movement. With the leadership of Marton Luther (Augustinian Order Monk – Roman Catholic Convent), they started to reform the Catholic Church in the West end East Europe. Luther – a German Protestant reformer and Bible translator- questioned the Papal power. During the 16th and 17th century the counter-reformation took place. The aim was the Catholic renewal, among other things, the recovery of lost positions.Christian Churches have more than 200 ecclesias in the USA and there are numerous denominations of the Postestant Church. Some of them are Evangelical, Reformed or Anglican.Chinese UniversismThis is the common name of Confucianism and Taoism because they complement each other in the Chinese conscience. Confucianism is a state philosophy that shows how to have to steer the state correctly. It also provides guidance on who is the good ruler. The most basic moral duty is respect for the parent. Its ethic based on the five right relationships: domineering – dependent, father – child, husband – wife, older – younger, newer friend – older friend. Kung Fu-ce was created in the 6th century B.C.

His name was changed to Confucius. His name was created by Jesuit (the lasrgest monastic order of Roman Catholic Church) missionaries. By the traditions, he lived from 551 B.C. to 479 B.C. in the Eastern part of China. His followers converted this philosophy into religion. By this philisophy, people are good originally and not punishment but examples and art are the best methods to change peoples’ wrong behaviour.According to Taoism, Heaven, Earth and Man are the elements of the unified universe. They are constantly interacting with each other and our behaviour is regulated by an all-encompassing universal law, the tao. The main work of Taoism is the Tao-tö-King, which is the book of the Way and the Virtue. This is one of the most famous works of world literature. There are several translations in Hungarian, most well-known to Sándor Weöres. Its founder was Lao—Ce, who lived in the sixth century and was a Chinese philosopher. Taoism has a lot of superstition in folk branches. It includes the need for eternal or longevity, as well as the dualism of yin and yang. It also contains the order and cycle of the five ancient elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, water that generate each other.BuddhismIts fondeur is Buddha, who ’realized’. It developed against Hinduism: it denies the caste system, but takes over the doctrine of the cycle of existence (sams?ra). Basic concepts of Buddhism include Nirvana, Dharma, Sams?ra, Dharmachakra and Karma. It has three branches: ’Small Way’ (hinajána), ’Big way’ (mahájána) and ’Diamond Way’ (vadzsrajána). The first is to get rid of the desires to the enlightenment, the second is the path to enlightenment is universal compassion and in the case of the third is to achieve enlightenment with the identification with the spiritual leader. Mahájána is the most popular branch of Buddhism, proclaiming the importance of charity;.

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