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The nation-states of Western Europe exploited the human


American history homework help

Through exploration, trade, and conquest, the nation-states of Western Europe exploited the human and natural resources of West Africa and the Americas. Although some of the first Africans to arrive in North America were indentured servants, the status of Africans eventually changed to one of lifelong servitude. What caused this transformation? Several reasons have been proposed, but the issue of race always appears high on the list. Historians have debated as to whether slavery was a result of white racism, or whether racism was a result of slavery.

In your opinion, which argument is most convincing? Explain your position.

Answer to assignment help in American history
Western European nation-states exploited the human and natural riches of West Africa and the Americas through discovery, trade, and conquest. Although indentured servants were among the first Africans to come in North America, their status later evolved to one of perpetual servitude. What happened to trigger this change? Several causes have been suggested, but race is consistently at the top of the list. Historians have argued whether slavery came about as a result of white racism or as a result of slavery.

Which argument, in your opinion, is the most convincing? Give an explanation of your position.

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