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The supremes greatest hits chapter 9 by michael trachtman and freedom of speech


Americans are very proud of their free speech rights but few know that America has the most expansive free speech right in the world. The right to free speech in America includes the right to hate speech, the right to spend as much money as you want on politics (Citizens United, ch. 5), the right to burn the American flag and the right to create pornographic and obscene content. Recently, Nick Kristof in The New York Times exposed the web site Pornhub for distributing videos of trafficked women, of women being suffocated and asphyxiated, of underage girls having sex, and of women who were coerced into having sex via entrapment (i.e., they were raped). We are also the only developed country where completely baseless hate speech is allowed to be distributed. Research the extremes of free speech that are allowed in the U.S. and write 5-6 paragraphs on whether you think the right to free speech in America goes too far. Make sure to employ the cases in Chapter 9.


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  • The supremes greatest hits chapter 9 by michael trachtman and freedom of speech


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