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The US intervention – Study Room



Using the sources from your annotated bibliography students will write a research paper on some aspect of U.S. military intervention outside the United States. This covers a broad area including places lesser known interventions in Hawaii, Samoa, China, Mexico, Russia and others. The paper will be 6-8 pages long and should include the following:

What is the background for U.S. involvement in that particular country? (ie why did the U.S. become involved there?)
Who were the main people involved in deciding to intervene?
How did the local population react to the US. intervention?
Describe the sequence of events of the U.S. intervention. How did it change over time or did it not change?
How did the U.S. population react to this intervention, if at all?
What brought an end to the U.S. intervention?
In your opinion was the U.S. intervention justified? With this question I want you to look at the evidence objectively, in some instances there are justifiable reasons for U.S. intervention in foreign countries. Do not make blanket statements such as “intervention is always wrong”. This will require you to evaluate all the evidence and come to a defensible conclusion based on the evidence.

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