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This assignment involves your application of major course concepts to one of the

This assignment involves your application of major course concepts to one of the seven hypothetical clients presented in our text. Specifically, you are asked to analyze a client’s career counseling needs in accordance with a career development theory. The body of your paper should be 8 pages in length and include at least one reference per page. This paper must be written in APA 7th style formatting.
Use the following points as headings for your paper:
Case Presentation: Identify and describe the client you chose from our text. Describe ways in which this client and their issues are relevant to your chosen specialization and setting of choice. As you write, try to highlight issues that will relate to your career development theory of choice.
Career Development Theory: Provide a brief overview of the theory and identify the major concepts associated with it. Use APA 7th style to cite at least one original source (articles, chapters or books) written by the primary theorist or theorists to support your description of the theory. Next, explain how the theory’s major concepts are used to understand your client’s situation and counseling needs and/or guide your selection of helping strategies Here you are giving me a rationale for WHY this theory fits with your client and how it will lead you to actually helping this person.
Culturally and Ethically Relevant Strategies. Identify and explore cultural dimensions and ethical considerations related to working with your fictional client. Cultural dimensions should be drawn both from general career counseling literature (such as described in Chapter 6) as well as particular dimensions addressed by your chosen career development theory. Your discussion should demonstrate an understanding of how these cultural dimensions and ethical considerations may affect this client’s career development (including career aspirations, decision-making, career preparation and/or work experiences) and career counseling needs.
Life-Work Role Balance: Given your particular client’s context, identify and explore contextual issues related to the inter-relationships among and between work, family, other life roles and significant related life events. Your discussion should demonstrate an understanding of how these contextual issues affect this client’s career development and career counseling needs.
Client Evaluation and Assessment. Building on the previous sections, please discuss which assessments tools and techniques (e.g., abilities, interests, values, personality, etc.) you will use to assist your client with career planning and decision-making.
Tailoring Specific Interventions. Keeping all of the previous sections in mind, please describe how the information you have so far can support your understanding of your client’s unique abilities and strategies for developing differentiated interventions. This could include connecting them to informational resources including career, vocational, educational, occupational and labor market information, having them interview, shadow, or volunteer with someone in a particular profession in which they are interested, having them audit a particular course in a field of study, etc.
Counseling Evaluation: Provide a detailed description of how you will evaluate your client’s progress toward their career goals and overall effectiveness of your work with the client. How will you know what you are doing is working?
Conclusion: Summarize key points from your paper including the career counseling process with your fictional client and how you envision using this in your future practice.

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