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THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL PROJECT. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS PROJECT. I would hope that you would find an activity to try sometime



THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL PROJECT. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS PROJECT. I would hope that you would find an activity to try sometime down the road.

The object of this project is to help you understand the importance of recreation at every point in your life. So many people do not make recreation a priority because they say they are out of “time” or do not have the “money”. With this project you will see that there are so many activities to do in your own back yard. This will also help you budget and see all the “free” stuff available. Recreation is important. Make it a priority.

The goal of this project is to research recreational provider activities that are appealing to you. Find out what things you can do for recreation. In your presentation, you will to try entice someone else to want to participate in the activity through your project. You will be completing this assignment in FOUR sections. The last being the final submission.

Plan monthly activities on a budget of $100 per month for 6 months – ($600 for the entire project). You will plan 18 total activities. 
Starting in April 2022 – September 2022

Must plan 12 activities that can be done any time – 2 per month – you may only use an activity once. (You cannot go hiking 12 times, or do 12 5K runs)

Must plan 6 monthly activities that can only be done that month (seasonal – special) – 1 per month – you may only us an activity once ( You cannot go to 6 concerts, or go to 6 Football games)

All activities must use a recreation provider entity. They must be REAL events. For example: Bowling center, organized 5K run, painting or pottery making activity etc.
You must spend ALL of your money. You may budget for an activity that costs a little more, but try to spend your money monthly – free activities are ok, but must be an actual activity with a recreation provider. Must use REAL dates. Be intentional. (Sunday dinner at grandma’s is not a recreation provider and will not work for this project)

You  MUST stay in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Must have a variety of activities: No more than 3 in each category per section ( section being monthly and weekly) – YOU MUST LABEL EACH ACTIVITY IN YOUR FINAL SUBMISSION – For ex: a 5k run is Sports and Fitness, Art Festival is Travel and Tour, Feed My Starving Children is Community Service)

Travel and tours
Adventure and outdoors
Sports and fitness
Hobbies and crafts
Community service

All activities should have location, cost, website, phone, cost, address, date you are planning etc.

Provide as much information as possible on your activity.
Put information in a presentation format- MUST USE Power Point
Include a budget page in presentation showing what you spent each month – MUST USE excel sheet
Places to find activities: Groupon type sites


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