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This project is to help you apply concepts to real world, real data analysis. In the real world computers do most of the hard work for statistician


MTH 245 DATA ANALYSIS PROJECT (Body Temperature in degrees Farenheit) – 1A and 1B Written Summary 35 The student demonstrates an understanding of key concepts and adequately address all aspects of this analysis assignment. The assignment report is submitted as a formal paper in paragraph form and is well written with full sentences, and is typed and well formatted with appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. * Brief introductory paragraph regarding the background of data. * Specified the shape of the distribution of the data and referenced graph(s) used to make decision. * Discussed the presence or absence of outliers. * Discussed which measure of center was most appropriate (the values of mean, median, and mode) within context. * Interpreted the mean and standard deviation in context of the data. *commented on the assessment of normality (QQ plot) *Commented on which test to use and why (z-test or t-test) Interpret results of statistical analysis using context of data. – separate points below Inferential Analysis – Confidence Interval and Full Hypothesis Test (Significance Test) 20 Stated the practical interpretation for the XX% confidence interval within context. 5 Correct null hypothesis 2 Correct alternative hypothesis 2 Correct p-value 2 Correct decision: {Reject H0, Do not reject H0} 2 Correct basis for decision: (comparison of p-value to α) 2 Correct conclusion in context 3 Compared the results of the CI and hypothesis test-matched or not and why? 2 Statistical Package Output 40 Stem and Leaf Diagram (with appropriate title) 4 Histogram 2 * class limits on horizontal axis 2 * appropriately titled graph and titled axes 2 Box and Whiskers Plot (with appropriate title for graph and data axis) 4 used fences to identify outliers 1 Descriptive Statistics 10 * in table form 1 * number of observations 1 * mean 2 * median 2 * mode 2 * sample standard deviation 2 Inferential Techniques 15 QQ Plot (with appropriate tile for graph and data axis) 5 Interval bounds for two-sided CI for µ 5 Results of statistical test of hypothesis 5 Format 5 * Title page with appropriate title, name, course number and section number * Summary * Statistical software output for graphical summaries * Statistical software output for numerical summaries * Statistical software output for inferential techniques * Complete significance test * Sources/References – if applicable TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS 100 COMMENTS:


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