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Toward Healthy Aging – Nursing assignment writers


In Chapter 2 of the course text book “Toward Healthy Aging” the topic of transition of care is a leading problem in the older adult population that leads to hospital readmissions. Read this section of the text on “transitions across the “continuum: the role of nursing.” Identify some of the major causes of readmission and the role of the gerontological nurse in improving and preventing readmissions. Read the following article on “The Prevention of Hospital Readmissions in Heart Failure.”

In this discussion (5 paragraphs) you will address will address the following:

1. Summarize the contents of the article: The Prevention of Hospital Readmissions in Heart Failure

2. What are some of interventions that can be used to prevent hospital readmissions. Use additional sources to support your work. Cite your sources in APA format.

3. What care setting interest in your future role as a nurse (pediatrics vs adults, outpatient vs inpatient vs community) and why?

4. Be sure to include in-text references and a reference summary.


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